Sodium Chloride (NaCl) Windows

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Sodium Chloride (NaCl) is a commonly used material in FTIR spectroscopy that is best known as a cost-effective generalist. With excellent transmission over a large range, it is a good option for most FTIR applications. NaCl is sensitive to water and should not be used in samples that contain water. As such, these windows are frequently used in FTIR gas cells. While, Sodium Chloride is sensitive to thermal shocks, it can be used in temperatures up to 400ºC.

Firebird provides these in several uncoated stock configurations but can provide customized and coated to your specifications. 

NaCl Specs:

Wavelength range: 250nm-20μm Coating: Uncoated
Diameter tolerance: ±0.5mm Surface Quality: 60/40
Thickness tolerance: ±0.2mm Paralellism: <5 arc minute
Clear Aperture: 90% Density: 2.17g/cm3
Melting point: 801ºC

Young's Modulus: (GPa): 39.98

Coefficient of Thermal Expansion: 44 x 10-6/°C Knoop Hardness: 18.2kg/mm2