Germanium (Ge) Windows

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Germanium or Ge has high transmission in the range of 2-16μm and is best used in mid-IR and long wave IR applications. Due to its low dispersion, it is a common choice for use in low power CO2 laser applications. Germanium also is opaque throughout the entire visible spectrum, making it ideal for applications where only IR transmission is desired.

Germanium is inert to air, water, alkalis and many acids, which makes it a robust, versatile material.

Firebird provides these in several uncoated stock configurations in circular and rectangular shapes but can provide them customized and coated to your specifications. 

Germanium (Ge) Specs:

Wavelength range: 2-16μm Coating: Uncoated
Diameter tolerance: ±0.2mm Surface Quality: 60/40
Thickness tolerance: ±0.1mm Paralellism: <1 arc minute
Clear Aperture: 90% Density: 5.33g/cm3
Melting point: 938.2ºC

Young's Modulus: (GPa): 102.7

Coefficient of Thermal Expansion: 5.9 x 10-6/°C Knoop Hardness: 780kg/mm2