About us

About Firebird Optics

Forged in the fires of the Covid-19 pandemic, Firebird Optics was formed in 2020 to rise from the ashes and build something positive in trying times. Firebird's goal is to serve the growing demand of the FTIR spectroscopy community and is built upon providing an extensive range of IR windows, prisms, optical lenses and many more. With over a decade of experience serving the UV/VIS and FTIR spectroscopy community, Firebird is a knowledgeable and friendly source of help on any custom optical component.

Our brand has been steadily building on lightning-fast customer service with our main value proposition found in our ability to provide expertise and rapid turnaround time on custom optical components. Frequently, customers have specific requirements and become stuck in limbo waiting for responses but Firebird Optics is flexible and able to work with almost any request.

We stock many items and can provide optics for anything from small projects to larger OEM builds.